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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you sell real exotic leather ?

- Yes, all of my products are real exotic leather.

Is it legal to buy exotic leathers ?

- Yes, all exotic leather products are produce under the rule and regulation of Convention on International Trade in Endanger Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

How to take care genuine exotic leather products ?

- Please, see Care of Exotic Leather.

What is species of exotic leather ?

- You can see the species of exotic leather in products detail.

What is CITES ?

- The term "CITES" stands for "Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species". Please, see more detail on What is CITES ?

I would like to see the exact item of my purchase, what should I do ?

- Please, send your request to info@pelgio.com or submit your request in contact us page, we will send the picture of exact item asap.

How difference between polished stingray skin & normal stingray skin ?

- Polished stingray skin is smooth but normal stingray skin is rough.

Why crocodile belly skin is expensive more than hornback skin so much ?

- Because belly skin is a crocodile which is farmed 1 crocodile/pond, so it will not have scar from fighting with another crocodile.

Can I make customize order ? 

- Yes, you can customize order following the step below.

1. Create an account.

2. Click custom made on the top menu.

3. Fill the specific order and submit.

4. Waiting for response e-mail from customer service.



Do you ship international ?

- Yes, we ship to worldwide but we may not ship cause of destination country is not allow.

Does shipping cost include insurance ?

- Yes, include insurance.

Can you declare low value on the package ?

- Yes, we can declare low value but you can claim as declaration if the package lost. 

Why I can't track my item on www.thailandpost.com ?

- Because we ship your item via DHL globalmail, so you can track it on DHL globalmail website or destination postal website.



If I'm not satisfied, can I get my money back ?

- Of course, please, read Returns Policy.



What is currency do you accept ?

- Thai baht , Australian Dollar , British Pound , Canadian Dollar , Chinese Yuan , Euro , Hong Kong Dollar , Japanese Yen , Russian Ruble , Singapore Dollar , US Dollar.

What is payment method do you accept ?

- PayPal , MoneyBookers , Money Gram , Western Union , Bank Transfer.

How can I change currency ?

- You can change currency in currency menu on right tab in product detail page.

How to make payment by debit or credit card ?

- Please, see our article on http://www.pelgio.com/how-to-make-payment-by-debit-or-credit-card/


Where is your store in Thailand ?

- Pattaya City, you can see map & location in contact page.

I'm interest to sell Pelgio products in my store, what should I do ?

- Please, fill your information in wholesale page, we will contact you asap.



If you have any question, please, do not hesitate to Contact Us.